First International Project Meeting

This meeting brought together collecting institutions in the field of theatre archiving / theatre documentation from various countries in Central, Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe. The aim of this meeting was to figure out the requirements and practices of presentation and visualization of audiovisual and other material, stored in the institutions. It sharpened the ideas for a joint application within the EU programme Horizon 2020.



The meeting took place on several locations in Berlin:
Mediatheque of the German Centre of ITI, mime centrum; Dachverband Tanz Deutschland; Radialsystem V


Participants of the meeting

Engel, Thomas, German Centre of ITI
Freundt, Michael, German Centre of ITI
Selecká, Diana, Slovakian Theatre Institute
Lejková, Lucia, Slovakian Theatre Institute
Čepcová, Lucie, Arts and Theatre Institute Prague
Francán, Petr, JAMU Brno
Arsenis, Eugenia, Hellenic Centre of ITI
Kricsfalusi, Beatrix, Debrecen University, Institute for German Philology
Kosiński, Dariusz, Raszewski Theatre Institute Warsaw
Adamiecka, Agata, Raszewski Theatre Institute Warsaw
Jan Zoran, Mojca, Slovenian Theatre Institute
Henniger, Christine, German Centre of ITI, mime centrum
Wittenbecher, Thilo, German Centre of ITI, mime centrum
Ertel, Erhard, Freie Universität Berlin, Institute for Theatre Studies
Czirak, Adam, Freie Universität Berlin, Institute for Theatre Studies
Wittenbecher, Maxim, German Centre of ITI, mime centrum
Neuß, Thekla, German Centre of ITI, mime centrum
Sluzalek, Bettina, Radialsystem V
Stricker, Martin Coordination centre for scientific university collections in Germany



Short overviews of the local and national theatre scenes were presented by the participants of the meeting coming from countries of Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe.

This meeting raised issues of transregional cooperation structures and interests as well as transnational access strategies for theatre documents. The participants of the workshop discussed the potential of the project as well as further steps to realize a jpartnership regarding the project PASSAGE 23°E.

Martin Stricker gave an overview on innovative forms of knowledge structuring pointing out on current developments within the Linked data community.

Together with the participants he discussed necessary steps to implement the transnational information system for theatre documents focussing on the developments in CEEC.

Participants agreed upon further steps for a joint project regarding the accessability and visualization of material and knowledge presenting the forms of theatre and theatricality in CEEC/SEEC.



July 7th - July 9th, 2016
Berlin, Germany