PASSAGE 23°E: pre-project

The aim of the pre-project of Passage 23°E is to develop a cooperation network between representative partner institutions coming from a scientific as well as cultural background from countries in Eastern, Central and Southeastern Europe and Germany, intended to develop a work structure for a joint application through appropriate EU funding.

The project Passage 23°E's main target is the collective development and long-term implementation of a common information and documentation system with regards to Eastern, Central and Southeastern European culture in its historical, current and future dimensions; helping to promote the exchange of knowledge as well as the cultural transfer between these countries; helping as well to make a significant contribution to the development of a cultural memory and to the protection of the common European heritage.

The project's objective is a transnational, joint research on and documentation of cultural-artistic development processes regarding theatre and forms of theatrical expression in the national / regional cultural areas of Eastern, Central and South-Eastern Europe over the last 25 years.

The project Passage 23°E is understood in its conceptual approach and in its objectives as an active contribution to the internationalization and the increased orientation towards Europe of German educational and research institutions. In doing so it aims to generate cultural and scientific contexts on a new stage of transnationalism and transregionalism.

Four successive stages are planned for the successful implementation of the pre-project of Passage 23°E. In the first four months, partner contacts will be developed with the intention to build up a binding cooperation network for the preparation of the joint application. Following are two partner meetings regarding developments of Theatre Studies as well as the creation and distribution of audiovisual theatre documents in the designated area.

Based on a successful evaluation of these two stages, participants of the project will begin to work conceptually on a draft EU proposal which ought to be jointly edited at a partner meeting of all participants. The fourth stage involves the overall management of an EU-application and its submission in due time.

The pre-project is supported by the federal ministry of education and research